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Halloween Nail Salon

(Updated :
Oct 20,2015)

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Game Description

After the makeover it is now time Activities for the Halloween nail salon. Be the owner of the salon and nail Own choose any one của customers table for the makeover. Apply khác special Halloween designs to the nail and apply lot of spooky stickers to it. You can do khác design for each cũng nails or apply to all of add. Apply Creams Creams to make add to the look shining and then wash off added. Trim the nails if chúng too long and start polishing it. Complete all the salon as there are more hoạt fast print customers table waiting line.

Salon Activities in the Game:

1) Apply khác special designs and lot of Halloween stickers to the nail.
2) Wash and trim the nail the Creams added to give a perfect size.
3) Use the cutter to cut the long nail nails.
4) Use Halloween special khác many stickers on the hands.
5) Click của photograph and apply it to your own nail kế.
6) Share this with nail salon games and have fun all của friends at the Halloween festival.

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