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Halloween Face Paint

(Updated :
Oct 19,2015)

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Game Description

Get your face painted for the fun filled Halloween festival coming soon. Choose any one among your best friends in the game and get your tools ready. Select your color and start painting on the face. See that you make different face painting for boys and girls. Use different sizes of brushes for and many other painting tools. You can also Erase any painting if you feel you have made any Mistake. Also do a lot of different hair styles for all your best friends. And finally put a colorful background and take a picture and save it to the gallery.

Colorful activities in the Game:

1) There are Lots of friends waiting in line for Their turn to get the face painting done.
2) Use a lot of different types of brushes of different sizes for the painting.
3) Nachos from many different colors.
4) You can use a lot of different Halloween dictionary to take some Guidance to make the mask.
5) Create a background and click a beautiful picture.
6) Save the picture to your gallery and share it with your friends.

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