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Guerrilla Spirits is a breathtaking tactical turn-based strategy with role-playing elements where you:
—Build your team of Summoners—
Choose from a host of warrior legends: pirates, ninjas, vikings, sorcerers… and more! Earn them experience to take them to their full potential. They’re infused with world-shattering elemental powers and yours to command!

—Invoke powerful Spirits—
Hunt down rare spirits in remote areas, or win them in special events. Each spirit has its own special abilities, ensuring your tactics are incomparable!

—Fight for control of the Wilds—
An epic single-player campaign with a hilarious cast of characters combines with a multiplayer king-of-the-hill competition for map control!

– A cast of unique characters in full 3D with cloth physics!
– Collectible spirits invoking 2D and 3D legendary creatures!
– Dynamic light and shadow, bringing the strategy elements to a new level!
– Guilds to collaborate with other players!
– Limited time events to compete at the top levels for the best prizes!


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