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Guardian of Games Android Android

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Guardian games is a cartoon version of the adventure with the Q-fighting RPG game, where players can experience the most interesting adventure story, so what are you waiting for? Join it!
Adventurers unexpectedly responded to the call of the game world, Cross into the game world, here they know guardians from other world and build the guardian alliance. Through your wit and wisdom to overcome the difficulties, repair the game world appears BUG. Eventually, you will lead your guardian alliance, the challenge of the big devil collapse Corps.

Game features
Fashion System
《Guardian games》 is a real fashion world,we will public new fashion clothes randomly, and you could get it from our game. With the new clothes,be awesome and be cool!
Friends system
In the game,you can make new friend. Hug them; send gifts; make team. These can enhance the degree of intimacy, but also components of an independent family, more family-specific tasks.,and more rewards.


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