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Grinding Quest Gameplay iOS / Android

Grinding Quest Gameplay iOS / Android

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Grinding to collect the most powerful items, defeat many bosses, challenge your hero with many instance challenges and get great rewards.
Game Features :
+ Awesome graphics.
+ Item random generation with variety number of options.
+ Many loot items from slaying monsters.
+ Different enemies : fiend, evil, beast,villain,…
+ Enhance and Upgrade system.
+ Instance Challenges with good rewards
+ Strong titan bosses.

Upcoming features :
+ Unique and Set Items.
+ Try your luck with Item Gambling.
+ Forge your dream item with Item Forging.
+ Different chests with surprising rewards.
+ Achievement & Title system.
+ Unlock abyss mode.
+ More monsters, more fun.
+ Elemental attack & defense properties.
+ Skills.
+ Instance – Hard Challenges.
+ Boss mode.

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