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Golem Rage Android

Use your fists, throw enemies away, or burn them to the ground : all the arcade gameplay & hardcore fun you love, packed in this free Golemic adventure !

Learn how to disperse crowds of coward Knights, avoid poorly targeted arrows, grab & throw crazy bombers, roll away from meteor rains or gigantic shields dashing at you, hardcore tornadoes, more bombs, bigger Knights … Even lasers.
And a Time Wizard. Yeah.

‘Cause you’re a wooden Golem, half stupid, half warmachine, but fully lovable.
Why are you here ? Why is everyone attacking you ?
Meh, it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is crossing through them, to escape !

– Enjoy the adventure : discover 7 beautiful environments to burn !
– Discover the arcade gameplay : unleash new wild attacks to smash your enemies to the moon !
– Fun & hardcore challenge : Learn the 11 enemies’ pattern to survive, or you’ll die. And die. And die again. For sure.
– Enjoy the dynamic and always changing soundtrack : the closer to the level’s end, the more intense the music !

Your challenge : improvise & use all your Golem’s tricks, survive to all levels & find your home !

Ready for some free die & retry ? That’s gonna be an hardcore & arcade adventure.


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Total Size : 129 Mb

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