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Gods and Kings Gameplay Android / iOS

Gods and Kings Gameplay Android / iOS

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Legendary champions from across the world assemble and clash!
Immerse yourself in this majestic adventure between mankind, dragons and demons.
●Over 60 legendary heroes unite; King Arthur, Merlin, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Genghis Khan and much more.

●Exclusive Tri-Energy System categorize your Heroes in three distinctive combat types, with additional Fusion Skills available between different Hero combinations.

●Shape your world through dynamic server-wide events, each player can choose between “Creation”, “Balance” and “Destruction” that will alter attribute boosts to each and every Heroes.

●Online multiplayer battle arena offers real-time PvP battles with a maximum of 18 heroes simultaneously!

●Summon magnificent Guardian to turn the tide of war. Collect and upgrade your Guardians via Spirit Fragments scatter across the land.


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