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“God Fate: League goddesses” – a first-class role-playing game of mythical gods. League goddesses invites you to fight with them. High-quality graphics, beautiful goddess, competition without privileges, honest competition. Join the game!
Gods world and confront the dark goddess is calling you! Then came the awakening day. Resist the onslaught of the enemy in the dark and cruel world! Unite in the fight for victory! Join the league!
【Magic goddess League battle】
Goddess of the waves, the Goddess of Life, the Goddess of fire, the sky goddess, night goddess, and many others are calling you to battle. Mnogozhestvo spectacular skills. Join the game and awaken their goddess.
Guardians of the world – unite in times of war!

【There is a VIP, all is fair and free of charge】
No VIP accounts! Free game with no restrictions! Say goodbye to the era of the benefits of VIP! The just struggle for power. Requires no additional privileges in the dungeons. Fair competition, universal battle, the real confrontation!
Join the path full of dangers and conquer the location of the Goddess!

【HD graphics, real battle】
Three-dimensional high-class graphics, the battle in real time without brakes.

【】 Diverse PC game
Qualifying Battle 1 on 1 or 3 on 3, the global hunt for the boss battle mode against bots in a private dungeon. Create your own team with your friends and challenge the boss.

【Many awards – enjoy the game】
Exclusive upgrade offer new wings and new magic for free, helping you to win;
War for resources: relying on its own strength, can fight for material resources; A trading system helps to make money.


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