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■ stylish battle action to the high-speed!
Arrange the operation feeling of “God Eater” to the smartphone direction!
Stylish battle unfolds at high speed!

■ missing battle the battlefield to be intensified along with the fellow!
In cooperation with other players to both the field
Uchitaose mighty Aragami flock!
Sometimes Enjoy with the friends chat in the branch!

■ increase the level Cry enemy, it will aim at further heights to strengthen the God machine!
And To喰 the punitive expedition was Aragami, level by winning the experience value is up!
It can be enhanced to their liking the status in the distribution of skill points!
To further strengthen the character by strengthening and improving the God machine also collected material!
Taking advantage of the personality in the customization of their liking, Kakenukero the battlefield to intensify!

■ gorgeous voice actor weave, published some of the dramatic story!
The story of “GOD EATER ONLINE” is “GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST” than after a few years the world, change the past troops, deployed around the Himalayas branch. Also appeared fighting cormorant new comrades along with the player, immersive story can enjoy!
In this time of β test, published in advance a portion of the first chapter!

■ in the order system, trying to united front with fellow!
From Quest called “order”, and select the Aragami you want to their own subjugation, can mate and multiplayer! Of course, on where you can enjoy casually in solo play, material required for the strengthening of God machine also enters the hand!

■ the first series! MMO field of up to 100 people play simultaneously!

Called MMO field, in another field is the order, such as collection of punitive and field material of Aragami, you can play simultaneously in the series up to a maximum of 100 people scale!
While leveraging the chat function, enjoy the large number of players and the game in the vast map!

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