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Go Surf – The Endless Wave (By Diverso Games) – iOS/Android – Gameplay Video

Go Surf – The Endless Wave (By Diverso Games) – iOS/Android – Gameplay Video

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Go Surf is a relaxing and challenging game which simulates the experience of riding an endless wave!

Eternally called by the song of the ocean, a surfer’s journey is never ending. You search the world over looking for that perfect ride. There’s always one more wave to conquer. And now the endless wave is finally out there…All within the palm of your hand. Use your bodacious skills to break the record for the longest wave ever ridden. How far do you think you can go?

Be careful however, throughout this beach-themed adventure you have to avoid a series of pitfalls. Crowds will attempt to get in your way, wipeouts are most certainly a hazard, and watch out for that which lurks beneath the water’s surface. Remember, the experienced surfer doesn’t ever want to become shark bait.


• Easy to learn, hard to master – tap and release surf game
• Complete missions in which you can try new surfers with different styles
• Perform aerial maneuvers to activate ghost mode
• Bonus session – Advanced tube rides
• Fluid and challenging physics-based game
• Beautiful day and night backdrops
• Original musical composition
• Collect floating chips to increase your spending power in the surf shop
• Challenge your friends in the Game Center

Go Surfing is a premium game; 100% ad-free. In the store you can buy items and accessories by using the coins you win in the game.

Only works with iPad 3 and over, Ipad mini 2 and over, iPhone 5 and over, iPod 6.

This version maintains user privacy and does not collect emails or personal data through Facebook or other Open ID service.

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