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General Gears ~Ultimate Strike Gameplay iOS / Android

General Gears ~Ultimate Strike Gameplay iOS / Android

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Only you can save humanity…!
Command your mecha,
Destroy robotic aliens!
In the year 1999, in the 10th month,
from the sky came the great King of Terror.

It descended from the heavens,
and reigned the land of man with fire and fury.

And the children of men finally stood up…
to claim what once belonged to them.

A horde of mechanical life forms suddenly appeared on earth,
And after a second of their appearance, a fierce attack had begun.
Humanity was losing the war, and in despair, they built iron giants…
To fight back, and restore peace.

Those iron giants were later called the “General Gears”.

Players will ride General Gears,
to protect and serve humanity from hostile aliens.

– Anime-style mech RPG!
– Awesome mechs designed by anime artists
– Easy control!

*Please quit other apps running on your phone before playing General Gears, if it stops responding or unexpectedly quits.


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