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Crush your enemies in real-time multiplayer battles and epic story campaigns!

Gates of War™ is a groundbreaking Sci-Fi RTS title that delivers uncompromising real-time combat on a grand scale. It is your story of brutal conquest and hard-fought liberation, and the role of one Commander as the savior of the galaxy!

Lead explosive campaigns, build your base and annihilate your enemies! Loot other players’ bases and defend your own in tactical PVP battles where strategic planning is key, or jump into a quick match in the Battle Arena, where two players fight to destroy each other in real time!

Responsive and accurate touch controls allow you to command your massive armies in real-time. With a completely new proprietary engine, over 300 different units can share the screen at the same time. Thanks to the game’s classic RTS look and feel, strategy veterans will feel right at home, while newcomers will find it easy to pick up and play.

• Real-time strategy
• Responsive touch controls for real-time control over your units
• Classic RTS gameplay strategy fans will immediately recognize
• An extensive array of military units and weapons to discover and take into battle
• Single-player experience spanning multiple missions, campaigns, objectives and locations
• Competitive and tactical PVP against players from around the world
• Battle Arena where two players fight each other in real time
• Large scale battles, with hundreds of units on screen at once

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Download GATES OF WAR Android / iOS Game

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