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Games from Childhood 10 in 1

Microprocessor games of the “Electroni” series – a series of Soviet electroni games
10 most popular console games since the USR

*Wait for it! – the very first game of a series of similar games.
* Secrets of the ocean
* Fun cook
* Space bridge
* Avtoslalom
* Cat Fisherman
* Space Scouts
* Space bridge

Black and white old games played at home and at school and at any age.
Games without the Internet, before the advent of fashionable consoles dndy, seg, gamboy or ninten.
Classic retro games made us and our parents happy.
Long before the games appeared On the network and the game for two.
Pixel games are not 16 bits or even 8 bits.
Games for boys and games for girls, everyone liked them and each had their favorite games.
Puzz games battle from the past
Racing games on cars where old cars looked funny and simple.
Soviet music and games where you have to run only to the left to the right without the ability to jump.
The acquaintance began with a hero who is not your Cat.
Not Tom, then the wolf catches not balls but fragile eggs with a basket, find patience to catch them all.
Cook cook cheerfully help and evil mice interfere with him worm.
Cat fishing trying to catch a fish.
Old school games are the most that there are old cheekbones in which when playing we see each other funny faces full of real joy from the memories of the time when we were small or just young.
There is no sea battle game, but there is space with aliens.
Pictures and plot console simulator trite, but interesting in our time.
These are not new games, but games that cause nostalgia and memories.
Old games from , but this is not
old dand games.
Games that did not receive an Oscar, but the recognition of the Soviet people.
In which both a man and a woman will play with pleasure, regardless of age.
In this game there are no restrictions on age and time.
The prefix does not require a joystick, it has a touch control.
As before, the level of games A and B.
The game has beautiful graphics of those years.
Ad-free game
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