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Fusion Two – Official Trailer

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Join a group of brave fruits and help them out in a 2048-like tiling quest against evil Voodoo Wolves! Rediscover the genre in a unique, addictive new fashion. Visit exotic islands and combine fruits together across 60 exciting levels, each with their own objectives to complete.


– FUSION TWO PUZZLES: A brain stretching game: bring your imagination along for the ride!
– BRILLIANT BOOSTERS: They will come in handy for completing stages! Get them for free as gifts and from daily spins!
– MISSIONS OF EVIL: Don’t be fooled. They seem easy to beat but have some surprises in store…
– DEVILISH FRUITS: Reach ever higher fusions to experience the Diablo of all crops!
– GET TO GRIPS: More stages, new items, and more challenging missions will be added over time.
– FRIENDLY HEARTS AND GEMS: Connect with your friends to get hearts! Play more to earn gems and look out for occasional bonuses!
– AN EPIC JOURNEY: Beat the Possessed Animals to unlock the next colony! The SAGA awaits you!
– KEEP CALM AND FUSE: Be original! Be creative! Thoughtful strategy is the key to mastering the SAGA mode!

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