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Slowly but surely, the animals’ patience snaps! Around them, there are only humans on their smartphones and children with sticky hands while it should be the animals that are most interesting! Now it’s on: The animals strike back – with adequate means!

***Repel the rude visitors from your enclosure!***

The animals are really annoyed with the zoo visitors and now you can help them plot their revenge! Fend off all the costumers and help the animals get their well-deserved silence. During the game, you will meet different kinds of visitor types in challenging levels and you will have to defend yourself against more and faster enemies.

***Play as llama, bear, elephant or tiger!***

Start as a belligerent llama and just spit in the faces of intrusive guests to make them disappear and to defend your enclosure! But watch out – if one visitor gets too close to you, he will get angry and even faster! You’ll need fast reflexes if you don’t want to be bothered.

***Collect lunchboxes and coins to improve your skills!***

During the game, you can shoot lunch boxes and collect coins to not only improve your high score, but also get effective upgrades! Improve your shots to fend off even more customers and become the best shooter among your friends!

* Play as an annoyed zoo animal and revenge yourself on rude customers!
* Unlock 3 more animals and great items which improve your skills!
* Compete against your friends and achieve a new high score!

Download Fury Zoo and the animals’ revenge will be yours!

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Download Fury Zoo –

Fury Zoo – Download Game

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