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Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race Game

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Free game Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race
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Crush your friends or race random players in this fun game where all the cutest, furriest creatures of the forest are out running. Fun Run 2 is an engaging online real-time multiplayer game for up to four players. Cool power-ups like exploding rockets, bear traps, shields, teleports and other hazards help you slash your furry friends and race them to the finish line.
Be the coolest critter in the forest with a wide selection of cool characters and lots of swag to choose from. Conquer more than 20 levels, compete for prizes, discover funny bonus races, spin the spinning wheel for mystery prizes and get rewarded for achievements and daily challenges.

Download Fun Run 2 now and challenge your friends and family!

WHAT’S NEW in 3.1
– New avatar! Crocodile!
– Holiday theme!
– New powerup skins!
– New video chests!
– 2v2 friend indicator
– 2v2 voting bug fixed
– Preview clan before joining
– Can now see clan position in leaderboards and hall of fame
– Clyde got his name back!
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J. Edward December 22, 2015

Addictive It’s 2D Mario Kart with customizable characters. Tons of options to customize with but they are costly (you have to just play often). Good fun, especially with friends. Very addictive, be warned.

Dalal Abdul Aziz December 17, 2015

Love it soo far Really fun makes you addicted after a while… it is perfect looove the daily challenge and the chart thing with stars and prizes it makes me want to keep playing everytime. For other players if you have never played this before give it a try…

Luisa Juarez December 18, 2015

Dirtybit doesn’t care. Because the lag & connection is never fixed no matter how many times theirs new updates. Also jumps w/out pressing jump, unfair regeneration for first player, the spinning wheel is rigged, & if you’re winning the possibilities of losing become higher, game actually chooses who gets better items, or an advantage, so if you’re good don’t count on that. This game makes you loose if you’re in a winning streak. Overall this game has to stop updating pointless b.s. & focus on fixing what really needs to be fixed.

dadrick burse December 20, 2015

Loved it It’s A fun game to play and the only time i experience lag is when im not on wifi. Overall great game

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