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Fishing Hero Gameplay iOS / Android

Fishing Hero Gameplay iOS / Android

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Enjoy living the real fishing!
– You can enjoy realistic fishing is not boring break to enjoy the feeling of real fishing reel operation.
Turning, click Stop! I think the fun of fishing is to survive at your fingertips
Of the World “an exciting fishing trip!
– From Asia to the United States! One touch easy to embark on a fishing trip.
– Two points for each caught fish from other fishing steal away the actual points found 300 kinds of fish.
Fishing is bored anymore!
– Hey huge marlin, sailfish are caught in a rare fish, white sharks.
– Record and friends to enjoy the fishing competition, trying to gather the strength to take another friend monster fish object.
Great character and colorful costumes!
– A choice of fun! Depending on your taste, choose a character.
– Hey, beautiful, wearing a nice variety of cool costumes holding a big fish.

Multi Language Support!
Korean, English, China, Japan you can play in a variety of languages four languages.

Freemium Item Purchase!
You can buy the paid portion of the item, you may incur additional costs when buying products.
It may also be limited by the cancellation of the item type.


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