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Final Seal Gameplay iOS / Android

Final Seal Gameplay iOS / Android

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Final Seal by (iOS/Android)
Great RPG with very unique way of playing! A squad of 3 cute heroes embark on epic adventures in ancient maze dungeons to accomplish their royal missions.

1.Brand-new way of playing.
-Control 3 cutest heroes of a squad in realtime battle, easy to get started.
-A wide variety of contents to explore.
-Dozens types of heroes: Slayer, sword man, warrior, rogue, shooter, wizard, angle, assassin, etc.
-Various types of skills with spectacular effects.
-5 dungeons with over 300 stages!
-Battle with dozens of BOSS!!
-Explore hundreds of mazes in dungeons!!!

2. Advance your heroes to unlock powerful abilities
-A sword man can grow up as an admiring Knight of Kingdom
-A pastor can gain his wings as an archangel
-An apprentice devote to becoming a Slayer
-Assassin and Bombardier are aiming at top

3. Joy of collecting
The equipment and weapon system provide random effects. Collect them from the treasure cases which are gained from battles with the enemies and bosses! Full of joy and surprises.

4. Spectacular skills and graphic effects
Great bunches of powerful skills for your heroes to learn. Arrange skills to your heroes strategically to build the strongest squad

5. Explore an enormous world
Experience 5 special dungeons including 300 stages, PVP, Boss fights, World monsters and more!

Experience the fun via unique way of playing and strategies!


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