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Fantasy War Tactics : Great Tactical RPG by Nexon (ios Gameplay)

Download Fantasy War Tactics : Great Tactical RPG by Nexon (ios Gameplay)
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Fantasy War Tactics : Great Tactical RPG by Nexon (ios Gameplay).
Fantasy War Tactics by Nexon is a beautiful Tactical RPG now available on iphone and ipad.
Taking RPGs to the next level! Real fun SRPG you ever play! Fantasy War Tactics!

Features :

– More Fun in each play!
Assistance makes up 80% of an attack! – CO-OP
Watch your back until the ends! – DIRECTION
Lead an enemy at your pace! – TERRAIN
Heroes, advantages, skill tile and items!
Wake up inherent memory of RPG!

– Uncover & Collect Heroes!
Explore 12 regions over 180 dungeons (Max 500) and PvP!
10 stages of Dimensional Breakthrough and various missions
Embark on an adventure with your friend’s heroes!
Collect different materials and gold every day from Nephthys Dungeon and Lab!
With so much content, you will never get bored!

– Start your journey to the World Conquest!
“I will protect you with my life” Noble hero, Chris.
Cat Ian, large-hearted Alfred, and righteous hero, Kai.
Go on your adventure with 50 different heroes to conquer the world! (You can get all heroes as the reward of clearing dungeons!)

This gameplay video of Fantasy War Tactics has been recorded on ipad and is showing the Verna missions 1 to 5. Please subscribe for more iphone game reviews !

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