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Fantasy Mage (By Illogical Games) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

Fantasy Mage (By Illogical Games) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

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Armies of skeletons has been spawned by a mysterious power and is coming to a peaceful village to destroy it. As the village’s only hope, you must defend the village from the invading armies of hell.

Fantasy Mage is an action RPG games. Battle countless enemies and level up your character to become a powerful mage. As you progress, you will find wide variety of loots. Equip powerful equipments and spells and customize your character. Face different types of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses. Identify the enemy’s weakness and exploit them to your advantage.


Elemental damage system
Cast elemental spells such as fireball, earthball, and waterball. Elemental spells can only damage a specific elemental enemy. Use different strategies to defeat a certain enemy. For example if you encountered a fire element skeleton, its best to damage him using water spells.

Wide variety of loots
Find endless possibility of loots. Customize your character with different sets of items to defeat different kind of enemies.

Strategize your equipment
Each level consist of enemies with different element and strengths. Identify enemy’s element and weakness and then strategically equip items to defeat them.

3 loadout system
Equip and customize 3 loadouts which can be changed on the fly. Making it easy to change strategy against different kind of enemies. Each loadout can be customized to equip different spells.

Enemy manipulation
Identify enemy’s strength and weakness and exploit them. With the right item, exploit enemy’s defense, or burn it with burning status that deal damage over time, or knock them back with kinetic spell, stun, or slow their movement. If an enemy attacks too fast, slow it down or even freeze them. There are many ways to defeat an enemy.

Unique combat system
Combat in Fantasy Mage is simplified so that the player can focus on dealing damage and manipulating the enemies. Just select an enemy and then the character will lock-fire on it until it dies or you changed target. now you can focus on dodging spells and figuring out the enemy’s weakness.

For this is a paymium game, there is no iap ever in the game. you get what you paid for.

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