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The world of Fantasica is back and better than ever in FANTASICA: Bloodlines, the highly anticipated spin-off of the original game. Dive into a fascinating world of magic and mystery in this card-collecting, role-playing adventure. Recruit legendary heroes with a vast array of unique abilities and form parties to engage the enemy in real-time battles. With heaps of weapons and customization options combined with an in-depth story and a memorable cast of characters, FANTASICA: Bloodlines offers a deeply rewarding RPG experience sure to enchant both fans and newcomers alike.

• In-depth Story – Join Theo as he embarks on an epic quest to uncover the truth about the sinister forces conspiring to destroy the world
• Authentic JRPG Experience – Enjoy amazing anime-inspired artwork and voiceovers provided by well-known Japanese voice actors
• Battles Galore – Go on quests and engage huge armies of enemies in free-range battles, or lead a small, seasoned squad on a focused assault in side-scrolling battles
• Events – Earn rewards by participating in regularly scheduled events that feature fun and unique challenges
• Collect & Customize – Tons of unique characters, weapons, items, and customization options provide a rich, strategic game experience


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