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Family Town Gameplay iOS / Android

Family Town Gameplay iOS / Android

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Family Town by Game Garden™ (iOS/Android)
Welcome to Family Town! Dear Mayor, this is your town now! We congratulate you with the recent promotion!

Family Town is a town populated by the kindest and most caring residents. Since you are now the Mayor, you can make this town the best place to live on Earth. Help your friends and neighbors, complete their requests, and they will always be on your side.

The prosperity of Family Town is now in your hands! Here are a few suggestions for the newly appointed Mayor:

– Build residential houses and shops;
– Don’t forget about parks and recreation centers;
– Pay attention to the roads;
– Complete residents’ requests;
– Visit the Lighthouse;
– Plant more trees – a green town is a clean town;
– Develop new territories.

While Family Town is being downloaded, here are a few interesting facts:

– Hundreds of interesting tasks that you will receive as you develop your Town;
– Never-ending combinations of buildings and decorations that you can use to make your Town more unique;
– Tournaments with the mayors of other towns;
– Unique buildings, such as an Airport, an Amusement Park, a Spaceport, and many others;
– Collections, mixtures, daily bonuses, gifts from friends, achievements, adventures and much, much more!


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