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Start your adventure to save the world right now!
With beautiful fairy tale about just a boy and a girl becoming true story, you are the only one who can save the world.
Every equipment and mercenaries’ appearance differs by each grade.
Also 4 different transformers that you can transform into will show you what is real power of true heroes.
You are ready to be hero.
Save the world against evil emperor!


● Collect 26 different mercenaries and 2 different heroes who are ready to fight for you!
-Each mercenaries and equipment has different appearance by each grade(normal, rare, magic, unique, legend)
● 4 different transformers will be your spiritual guardian.
● Unlock 15 themes and 150 stages!
● Endless contents are ready.
-World boss: Fight against dark emperor without mercenaries!
-Battle arena: Prove you are the only hero of the world!
-Warfare: Save your castle and Attack other’s to get gold!
-Daily dungeon: Dungeon which differs by every day!
-Infinite tower: Endless tower, can you reach the top floor?
● Make your own skill combination which you can use since level 1!


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