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EverRun – Legend of the Horse Guardians – iOS / Android – Part 2

Download EverRun – Legend of the Horse Guardians – iOS / Android – Part 2 Download Game for Free

Run endlessly across beautiful lands with the eight horses of Everbloom!

Budge Studios™ presents: EverRun™! Gather the eight guardian horses of Everbloom to save their forest in this magical adventure! Run across the lands and recover all lost petals to bring the Everbloom Tree back to life! With their unique special powers and armors, brave the elements with all of the horses and set your own record!

•DISCOVER and travel through 5 unique landscapes!
•GATHER and return all lost petals
•UNLOCK mystical armors to dress up your horse with
•RUN under all conditions: rain or snow, day or night!
•RESTORE the Everbloom Tree one branch at a time
•ENDLESS RUNNER MODE: Gallop to your best and gather as many petals as you can!

•LILY: Petal Magnet
•CRIMSON: Burn obstacles in your way
•MAPLE: Turn obstacles into petals
•OAKHEART: Smash through obstacles
•ROSE: Fly above danger with wings
•STAR FLOWER: Summon a petal starfall
•THORN: Charge through obstacles
•VIOLET: Make petals bloom

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Download Game EverRun – Legend of the Horse Guardians – iOS / Android – Part 2

Download EverRun – Legend of the Horse Guardians – iOS / Android – Part 2 Download Game

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