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The ravenous Star Devourer monster is eating stars right out of the EverVerse world, and it’s up to your team of nonstop heroes to stop him! In EverClicker, players awaken a team of legendary heroes to adventure through a series of diverse beautiful worlds in order to battle fantastical monsters.

The further you travel, the more amazing heroes you can awaken! Empower your nonstop troop with special powers and cool effects, and celebrate victories in an upgradeable Feast Hall. With each click, you have the power to unlock magical spells, rare items and more from the mysterious, nonstop world of the EverVerse.


• Awaken brave 3D heroes of light and darkness
• Power up your heroes in the Feast Hall with magical spells
• Collect new spells to unlock legendary abilities and enchanted weapons
• Embark on special quests to maximize your heroes’ nonstop powers
• Summon ancient spirits to tactically alter your gameplay
• Compete with your friends to retrieve more stars from the Devourer’s clutches

As the leader of the EverVerse heroes, you must always remember this most important strategy… CLICK FASTER!

EverClicker is completely free to install and play. However, some game items can be purchased for real money.


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