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# The 《Empire Era:The Fallen Land》 designed by the original painting master of Finland was available now at Google Play

Fight against the players all over the world!For the Resource,for the Territory, for the Honor!

——“360°Castel Building,construct unique territory for your own as you will!”

——“3D scene,high definition ,original painting master of Finland participate design to offer Ultimate Visual Experience”

——“Brothers!Beauties!Allies!come to fight together, you are not alone”

——“4 Career,12 Career could be transferred”
【Warrior】——一Come on! No one can compare to my strength!
Can transfer to Blaster 、Paladin or Guardian after Lv.5
【Witch】——Everything are in my control. Did you feel the Shroud of Death.
can transfer to Dark Magician、Raven、Ice Mana after Lv.5
【Hunter】——No one can escape from my Arrows!
Can transfer to Rangers、Demons、Sniper after Lv.5
【Friar】——Like the God to shine and guard my people!
can transfer to Zealot、Prophet、Monk after Lv.5


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