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Elite Craft: Explore Big Creative and Survival

Stylish, beautiful, realistic, multifaceted – it’s all about this game! This is our new and best project in the world of mobile games in the 3d sandbox style.
Creative Explore the generated endless worlds, travel around cities and villages, test a huge amount of transport, build cities from a huge number of different cubes, interact with people from cubic worlds, tame animals, fish, hunt. You can open a unique laboratory and create a huge amount of new resources. In the workshop you will be able to create a variety of tools, tools and tools for creating new items.
Survival. For thrill-seekers, we have prepared new opportunities for survival in the wild and a lot of props, weapons, equipment for dealing with bandits and monsters.

The advantages of this game:
– beautiful gameplay;
– easy operation and clear interface for everyone;
– supported on all mobile devices;
– HD graphics in high resolution;
– multiplayer mode;
– A huge number of terrain items and the creation of new ones;
– convenient laboratory and workshop;
– the mode of changing the day and night, the seasons and the weather;
– realistic effects: grass and trees swaying in the wind, water flow, rain, snow, movement of celestial objects, play of light and shadow, etc .;
– for all ages.
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