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Dusty the Great: action-platformer

Beat, Crash and Destroy. In this game, not only this is waiting for you. Welcome to the world where battles for the title of the best warrior are constantly taking place. This is the dream of every inhabitant of this world. Your partner’s name is Dusty. Are you didn’t know him yet? Believe me, this cute guy will not make you bored for a long time and will help you to win these not easy battles, because he really likes it. And also, Dusty loves cool hats and hairstyles. I think you will be friends.

Hey, gamer. Are you ready:
– to join the hot and hard battles in the game?
– to fight in all battle modes and get into the TOP100 of the best players from around the world?
– to choose the most stylish hat or hairstyle for Dusty? It affects his mood in battle.

You do not have to buy 100500 coins to unlock a super gun. In this game, everything is free. It all depends on your experience and dexterity in battle. Win, earn coins and raise your world ranking. Enjoy it. Your goal is simple – to get to the top 100 best players in the world, fight in all modes of battle and crush those who stand in your way. Do it with Dusty!

This platformer game will complement your collection of shooters and arcades in your smartphone, as well as give you a taste of competition and victories.
Also, you can see how I created this game on my YouTube channel:
Download Dusty the Great: action-platformer for free
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