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〓〓〓 Dungeon & Fighter: CBT progress of the soul 〓〓〓〓〓
▒ CBT Course Length: 10/18 (Tue) ~ 10/22 (Sat) where 5 days!
▒ CBT anyone can participate!
▒ Enjoy the original Dungeon & Fighter in Mobile in 3D!
* More than 400 million around the world have selected the online deonpa come back to your mobile!
* Gwigeomsa / Fighter / Wizard / Gunner that nothing be missed!
* Elven guard such as maps and memories, to the land of the challenges is full of new content!

▒ distinctive skills, strong gunggeukgi! Herton full hattae ♨
* 19 kinds of unique active skills for each character!
* Gather the souls of enemies at once – ttwat together! Deadly Strike ‘soul’ skills!
* Limited skill slots are now Hi! Power skill to six slots!

▒ beyond the limits Prove that is the best! Land of the challenge!
* O ye brave adventurer, Challenge for real-time attack dungeon! “Real-time raid.”
* Spirit that thou, be testing the limits endless! “Altar of Infinity”
* Thou challenge, Prove their skills! “Tower of proof”

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Dungeon & Fighter (KR) Android Free Download

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