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Dungeon Crash – Android Gameplay HD

Download Dungeon Crash – Android Gameplay HD

Join the ultimate fantasy RPG and battle against evil forces of orcs, elves, goblins and dragons to restore order to the Kingdom of Berman. Travel through Desolate Plains, Ice Winterland, Lava Mountains & much more to defeat powerful monsters. The destiny of the Kingdom depends on you.
Play free today in the most addicting & interactive fantasy mobile RPG.
Ages ago a magical sword named Pandora was used to lock all evils from the realm into indestructible dungeons. For thousands of years, the Kingdom of Berman enjoyed peace and prosperity as it guarded over these dungeons. The evil forces managed to break the bonds of the Pandora sword and escape into the world. It is your duty to lock them back into the dungeons and secure the safety of the lands. Summon your heroes, defeat hordes of enemies, collect ancient artifacts and re-forge the Pandora sword. Start your quest now!
• Revolutionary game mechanics with 60+ underground dungeons and endless treasures
• Choose from over 40 heroes and assemble the perfect team of warriors, mages and healers
• Collect hundreds of weapons, armor & items to strengthen your heroes
• Battle and complete over 100 quests in the campaign storyline
• Build your kingdom & enhance your equipment with powerful abilities
• Challenge yourself in daily Labyrinth battles and acquire unique treasure
• Invite your friends & defeat them in PvP Arena battles
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