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Dungeon Boss – Android Gameplay HD

Download game Dungeon Boss – Android Gameplay HD

Lead your team of powerhouse heroes through heavily-armed dungeons, taking enemy bosses down at each turn. Collect heroes to outmatch your enemies in combat and guard your own dungeon against invaders. Prepare for battle and Be Your Own Boss in this new free-to-play game.
• Collect Powerful Heroes – Build up your team and use their unique abilities to take down bosses! Improve star-ratings, ascend them to unlock new tactical abilities and build XP to upgrade their skills.
• Crush Your Enemies – Fight your way through a vast land of brutal kingdoms, war-torn dungeons and threatening monsters!
• Protect Your Loot – Fortify your very own dungeon’s defenses against attacks from other players, and raid theirs for your own gain!
• Strategize for Victory – Each hero has its strengths and weaknesses. What will your strategy be? Customize your teams depending on who you’re up against.
• Call In Reinforcements – Connect and be social with your game. Build friends and summon their heroes to assist you in combat! Get to the leaderboard with new PvP battles and exchange strategy through Chat.
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