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DUELS X MACHINA Gameplay iOS / Android

DUELS X MACHINA Gameplay iOS / Android

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A new take on the digital TCG genre! Experience electrifying card duels in this epic Battlefield TCG. Summon gods and other characters from ancient legends and claim victory over your opponents!
The prophecy tells of the outlander summoned to Dynamis to defeat the Chaos. Now, as the Chaos rises to power once more, Machina has summoned you. Form Covenants with divine characters such as Athena, Susanoo, and Loki and uncover the mystery of the darkness that threatens to claim Dynamis!
Here, your duels will become legends.

・Duel: Tactically rich PvP takes place on a unique battlefield! Manipulate terrain, position your units, and master a variety of skills to defeat your opponents.
・Gather Allies: Form Covenants with 15 Guardians from throughout the realms of Dynamis, such as Athena, Zeus, Gabriel, Anubis, Loki, and Susanoo.
・Collect Cards: Build your ultimate deck! Collect over 280 cards from the 5 orders of Dynamis and conquer an ever-shifting metagame.

・Various Battle Modes: Compete with players from around the world in global leader boards, against friends, or play a variety of unique challenges.

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