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Driver 3D: samara 2115

Driver 3D – a realistic Russian driving simulator in a large, detailed city with traffic, traffic signs and traffic lights.
In the game you have access to the Russian car – VAZ 2115 Samara, with rich tuning possibilities. You can repaint, toned and understate your car – dedicated to the BPAN community! And also to improve the performance – power, speed, and capacity of the gasoline tank.

A modern Russian city is presented to your attention, in which you yourself can choose a driving style – a calm and safe journey through the streets in compliance with traffic rules, or an extreme and aggressive movement, with gangster chases in traffic flow.

Once on one of the streets of the Russian city, you are immediately waiting for complete freedom of action! Collect money and pump your fleece of a tag, beware of the bandits walking the city streets, watch the gasoline carefully and refuel in time!

– A huge realistic city in the style of Russia of the 90s.
– The real model VAZ 2115 samara!
– Realistic russian racing, with a change of camera view.
– Car traffic on city roads.
– Aggressive gangsters armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles!
– Auto repair 5 types: repair, salon tuning, body shop, tire, service improvements!
– Own garage in which you can relax.
– Ability to call a tow truck if you are stuck.
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