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Dream Drop – Android Gameplay HD

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A new matching addiction that will rock your world! Evil Nite Terrors have invaded the Dreamscape, keeping everyone awake and in fear. Plan your every drop to help Fiona fight off the Nite Terrors through more than 120 levels that are equal parts challenging and fun!
– Strategically smash matching Nite Terrors, so the righteous rocker and budding girl superhero can protect the sleeping
– Fill up the Sweet Dream meter and blast Nite Terrors away with your rock star powers in a speedy lightning round!
– Customize and dress up Fiona in fantastical costumes including a super space dress, rabbit ears, robot arms and more!
– As you rock on through increasingly difficult levels, Fiona will gain Terror-trouncing power-ups and companions in her quest to save the world one bedroom at a time.
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