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Dragon Wars Android Android

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Variety ◁ ▷ skill system
Cute pet and skills through the use of slots
Available in four versions depending on the situation, even the same skills!
Experience a different color, yet cool skill experience!

◁ ▷ transforming system
Please overcome moments of crisis, the powerful transformation capabilities gained from the story goes!

▷ variations look through the various costumes! ◁
Through many different types and parts of the costume
Try directing your own unique variations that look!

▷ ◁ real-time raid
Up to 3! Enjoy with the live companion!
Enjoy the battle of the ancient gods and absolute party with live play!

▷ 2: 2 scuffle Chapter ◁
1:01 If confrontation is sick, 2: Let’s enjoy a two!
Being together with my former sub-character PvP!
Feel the fun of the new PvP!

▷ ◁ former ruler Ranking
Those who dream of a world more efforts are important specs Attention!
Points earned during each battle through dungeons play!
Challenge to earn a gold prize from all the players!

▷ realtime 1:01 ◁ battle zone
Dragon Wars dream of a powerhouse of the world!
Ppaetgo ppaetgineun tension points out the person’s
Control unpredictable fight! 1:01 battle zone!

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