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Dragon Warrior 3D Gameplay iOS / Android

Dragon Warrior 3D Gameplay iOS / Android

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《Dragon Warrior 3D》2016 most powerful ARPG shock debut! Burn up your battle desire! Experience the perfect 3D ARPG mobile game created by physical level virtual reality engine, smooth play comparable to the depth content of online games.

【Game Features】
◆ Tai Chi outline oriental epic fantasy world
By the concept of Yin and Yang Tai Chi cycle to sketched out the beautiful “Ivar mainland”, which filled with a strong fantasy atmosphere, unique oriental fantasy world view and the timeline architecture. Also with the nine forces to exact revenge and confrontation that will give you an unprecedented new experience.
◆ Physics engine to create the third-person perspective feel
Created by top online games 3D physics engine, the third-person 365-degree horizontal viewing angle control surround, all the characters, monsters, scenes, objects have joined the physical operation of force, mass, and friction. Completely get rid of the traditional ARPG mobile game, experience the thrill of manipulation of VR.
◆ Freedom with presumptuous War
《Dragon Warrior 3D》Breakthrough the limit of mobile games, perfectly create a vast area of the world map, except of the free PK and escort, also contain the PVP mode like guild battle for territory and plunder etc. So you can presumptuous fight when you want to fight.
◆ Multi role switching, cultivate multiple collocation
Game contain dozens of heroes, each hero has unique rare skill. You are able to switch randomly during the battle. Team up with hundreds of lineup combination, comparable to the online game strategy depth and handling skills.


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