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Dragon Nest – Saint Haven

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Dragon Nest Mobile Edition Genuine Ultimate Action Role-playing games have been one of the most popular ever with back and reclaim the throne features the legendary Saint Haven!
A new legend begins. Mobile version of the copyright of the original company Shanda Games.

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Top games ever created ARPG most popular phenomenon around the world. These gamers hearts forever. Times have changed But people do not change Back in the Game with Mobile 3D broadcast classic.

Friendship, love, memories, familiar atmosphere.
Believe it or not, miracles do exist.

Functions & Features
– The classic waiting to be exposed. The familiar atmosphere and music
– Effect of 3D virtual view.
– Create a Community Guild with your own life is my ally.
– Cross the situation Harsh! Boss Guild Dungeon
– Keep a pocket, backpack, fished on a clear day.
– Raiders! Breakout! wade! Dungeon Minotaur Nest, Cerberus Nest, Manticore Nest.
– Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Sorceress 4 with the same goal is a hero! Protect the city Saint Heaven

Cries of “Dragon” is emphatically around again. Legend returns to nest We did not dream alone. Give these brave Blood Dragon Dreams Come join us. Everything that dream becomes a reality!

We are waiting for a brighter tomorrow!


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