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Dragon Land – Android Gameplay HD

Download Dragon Land – Android Gameplay HD
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Be part of a unique adventure like you have never seen before on your mobile! Enjoy a complete experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
– Play more than +100 levels full of rewards and items to find. Finish each episode and free a new dragon to play with. New dragons and adventures await you each week! Don't miss out!
– There are dozens of singular dragons available! Earn and collect them all to play this magic adventure the way you want to!
– Improve the strength of your dragons by leveling them up as your adventure gets harder! Adapt your strategy using different dragon skills and use them to defeat your enemies!
– Collect coins, crystals, secret keys, overcome endless obstacles, conquer various enemies, unlock secret levels and win amazing free prizes… Fun guaranteed!
– Hundreds of levels and unlimited fun!
– Prove your worth and might by completing this amazing adventure.
– Only the most amazing rewards await you at the end of this perilous path.
– Are you up for the Challenge? +20 Challenging Levels only fitted for the best Dragons!
– A 4-player race challenge to Compete with your friends in a thrilling adventure dash.
– This tournament mode will show you who’s the real Dragon Master.
– Climb the rankings up to earn fabulous prizes and rewards as each tournament ends.
– Use your skills and bonus items, including missiles, teleport and lightning attacks to beat your opponents and win the race!
Live an Adventure of Draconian proportions. Travel beautiful and exotic lands far and wide to free you Dragon Friends.
Use your exclusive powers and abilities, each Dragon has their own. Jump, climb, dash and shoot to defeat enemies. Run, fly and glide to collect coins and hidden bonus items. Discover them all! Create your ultimate dragon collection in DRAGON LAND
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