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The black magician hits the ashes and has whispered his magical words. With a frightening sound, the sun began to be covered with dust clouds. The darkness and shadow have begun to take over the whole world.

– Best side scrolling game.
– Hack and slash RPG
– Dark and shadow theme
– Dark monsters
– Dark Dragons

Dr Darkness a superhero.

The dark and shadow sorceress condemned the world to darkness and cursed the light. To protect the darkness, he began to produce creatures with special powers of his own and landed in the dark. The landlord’s soldiers had to be destroyed and the landlord to die so that the world could regain the light and see the sun.

There was only one person able to do this, the brave warrior named the Dr. Darkness Thanks to the light magic on the worm, he had the talents to fight the monsters of the darkness and the creatures that hid in the shadows.

The superhero, known as the shadow of the darkness, went after the black magician with his charmer and special magical powers but would face hundreds of different enemies and difficulty levels waiting for him.

The Shadow of the Dark will impress you with impressive graphics, spider dungeons and different visual and sound effects. You will not be bored at all with different compositions and scenarios in every episode. As the divisions and creatures become stronger, you may increase the attacking and defend the power of your shadow cast of darkness. You can get special attack effects that can fight against black growth, and you can fight the shadows with life and magic potions.

More than 100 sections,
A different gaming experience in the spider dungeon,
More than 10 section maps,
Impressive sounds,
The graphics that will amaze you,
Importer visual animations and effects,
A great gaming experience,
Scenario-based gameplay,
Daily gifts and bonuses,
World ranking

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Dr. Darkness – For Android

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