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Harvest stars and fight with black holes in a magnificent RTS set into the cosmos.

Devouring Stars is a real-time strategy game based on adaptative unit combination and space resources harvesting. Devouring Stars aspires to bring a different scope to the RTS genre while offering visual and audio refinement.

In Devouring Stars, you play a tribe of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus, a corner of the universe as far beneath hell as heaven is high above the earth. Hunted by 4 other tribes, you have been given the ability to draw your own fate. But to what extent?

To defend themselves, those entities have the ability to devour starfields and create dynamic protective nebulae or to merge to grow into more advanced units with special abilities (freezing enemies, taking control of them, attacking them from afar, etc.). Depending on the set of entities a game is started with, different strategies may be unfolded.

Devouring Stars is mainly inspired by Dan Simmons' Illium but also by games like Homeworld, Eufloria, Starcraft or Faster Than Light.


– 15 advanced entities to unlock by merging the 4 basic ones (earth, air, fire, water)
– Generated starfields offering a wide range of beautiful and differently balanced layouts
– Thousands of different settings through generated scenarios
– Direct attack, escape route, diversion… There are plenty of ways to play the game depending on your strategic choices, entities and enemies
– 4 enemy tribes with specific features and behaviors
– Unique particle system displaying thousands of dynamic stars
– And some well hidden secrets…


“If you’re stirring up a fictional war for a video game, I’d be far more interested in unknowable celestial entities weaponising the very cosmos, devouring and merging stars to create colossal murdertools.”
– Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A minimalist RTS, but one that doesn't lack for depth of strategy.”
– IndieGames

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