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Demon Slayer

Fluid movement allows you to explore beautiful, rolling landscapes while dazzling special effects bring to life death matches and a diverse range of challenging, interconnected obstacles all waiting to be conquered. After ages of unrest in this mysterious dark world, the continent has finally experienced ten years of undisturbed peace. But when a new Demon Lord ascends the throne, will the power of his new position be enough satiate his greed?

● Classic Fantasy RPG — A magical war is on the verge of erupting. Play as a warrior and expose the Demon Lord’s conspiracy as you set off on the path towards the world’s salvation.

● Battle for Epic Loot — Fully interactive touch screen that allows you to hack, chop, and cut with flowing, unhindered attacks. Smooth movements and vibration feedback will make sure your blood lust is never satisfied.

● Fierce PVP Competition — With real time PVP, head on PK, and collaborative team battles, the challenges are endless as players fight to outlive each other.

● Multifaceted Character Progressions — A diverse range of striking wings, mounts and squires to individualize your character.


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