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Demon Hunter: The Adventurers Gameplay iOS / Android

Demon Hunter: The Adventurers Gameplay iOS / Android

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DH (Demon Hunter: The Adventurers) is available in most countries of Southeast Asia, mobile game will offer 2 languages that includes English, Simplified Chinese, and Thai will be coming soon. Call your friends and adventure with us!

Demon Hunter features
1. A top-class adventure RPG mobile game with 3D graphics.
2.Fall in love with Demon Hunter’s special effects and abundant gameplays.
3.Collect hunters as your allies, call your friends and go adventure around the world.
4. Practice shooting skills in different modes: Vehicle, Arena, and Bermuda.
5.Get more treasures by global adventure and unlock the secret.
6.Prove your worth in the PvP Arena and reach the top rank.
7. Explore the mysteries in anime with the same time while playing mobile game.

*Team Up Your Recruit Hunters
The most important thing in DH(Demon Hunter) is to create your own team on mobile, lead your hunters to explore your adventure map to the world wonders’. Don’t forget to collect hunter fragments to upgrade your team, it may help you get more treasures, vehicle will also make your hunter team bigger and stronger. The more adventures, the more treasures you will get.

*Hunt Around the World
Do you want to adventure all over the world? There is a good chance to achieve it. You can explore the mysteries of Egypt, America, and Europe in DH. The vehicle mode can help you easily reach every stage to adventure, we have prepared hundreds of stages and maps for you, devote to let each of your global adventure have a new experiences!

*Survive from the Arena
This is a 3D action RPG mobile game with various gameplay, you’d better make your hunter team powerful as soon as possible, in order to survive from the arena. Clash with enemy in PVP battles and become the king of arena, it is an important way to get diamonds, materials, weapons and treasures. Let’s go adventure now!


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