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Defend It! – AR defense wave shooter (Coming Soon!)

Defend It! – AR defense wave shooter (Coming Soon!)

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Defend It is a sci-fi defense wave shooter where the new AR tech in iOS 11.3 is leveraged to allow robot aliens to burst through your living room wall and attack!

The player starts her experience by placing a virtual shelf on the wall. Upon the shelf is an item of great value (default is a crystal) that must be protected at all costs! The wall begins to crack then blasts open as robot aliens pour through and attack. The player uses her device as a weapon to blast away the onslaught before they can destroy her precious trinket.

Players will be able to upgrade their weapon and unlock new items to defend. Defend It will also feature a mission mode giving the player over 100 scenarios to play through.

Music Credit:
“Voltaic” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…

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