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Dead Runner: Inner Evil –

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Dead Runner: Inner Evil – Free

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RUN, RUN as far away from EVIL as you can.

You awake in a damp and dark room, all you can make out are shadows and the unmistakable stench of fear. The only thing you know for sure is that you must escape, run and keep running as far away from this nightmare as possible.

Or maybe you ARE the monster with the intractable desire to chase your prey and KILL. But be wary, as the hunter can easily become the hunted, there’s always someone looking to take down a monster!

Choose your character, do you have good or evil within your soul, and run through a nightmare scene of darkness, fear and torment. Your escape route takes you through forests, over rough ground, and through graveyards, death-trap mines, abandoned villages and deserted hospitals.

The classic rivalry claws its way from the grave with two gruesome game modes. Play as GOOD to fight for your life or be the EVIL killer chasing your escaped victims to devour their souls.

Choose your character and unfurl their story. Kick some evil ass with the MARINE, investigate the mystery with the REPORTER or defy all odds with the CHEERLEADER. Alternatively cure your blood lust with the VAMPIRE, brave the full moon as WEREWOLF, terrify as the brutal BUTCHER or destroy all you touch with DEATH.

Chase your way through infinite bone chilling environments from haunted forests, desolate graveyards and awful asylums to monstrous mines and abandoned villages.

Take on the forces of good or evil with barbaric Boosts. Collect KEYS along the way to open REWARD chests.

Make your own homemade horror movie with Apple Replay Kit and go share it with the world, or scare your friends with iMessage Stickers!

See who the last to die is or the first to stumble like a zombie with friends and global LEADERBOARDS.

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Download Dead Runner: Inner Evil –

Dead Runner: Inner Evil – Download Game

Dead Runner: Inner Evil – For Android

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