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=== === Recommendations with
Minimum Recommended with Android 4.1.0 or later., 1.5GB RAM, CPU 1.5 GHz., This game is compatible with Galaxy Note2 or any higher processor means. This game requires an Internet connection. Because the game needs more storage space, we recommend 1GB of storage space for the game play.
Taiwan-made machine-level operation of hand home tour shocking debut!
God use coquettish take place, with a gorgeous display smooth AB key skills, nondestructive down powerful BOSS!
Famous animation seiyuu lineup, creating fascinating epic story, followed by the dawn of the protagonists to find the world!

Game Description === ====
That day, the sky eclipse coming across a huge dark shadow, then a large number of meteors fall from the sky and a girl ……
Anis and changed the fate of Luke, is God deliberately arranged it?

Fate against three legendary poems, you will be finished up unfinished chapter.

=== ==== Game Features

◎ Voice Full story: Epic Drama + Live2D + voice actors, with a story like watching vivid animation in general, return to the benevolent nature of the RPG.

◎ class handle: Use AB, AAB, AAAB, AAAAB and other key operations, trying out various operations dazzling unparalleled pleasure!

◎ multiplayer battle Cooperation: call four friends to team up and challenge powerful Monster earn huge rewards, enjoy connections were fighting hunting fun!

◎ strongest Overlord war: the first Overlord warfare systems, real-5 PK Fuzion, turned into a game Boss killing all opponents!

◎ super cute fairy: fairy pet owner can follow along with the fighting, but also set the home page, the host of intimate interaction! !

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