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Dawn Break IOS / Android

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Dawn Break IOS / Android Android

Dawn Break IOS / Android iOS

Game Description
That day, the sky eclipse coming across a huge dark shadow, then a large number of meteors fall from the sky and a girl ……
Anis and changed the fate of Luke, is God deliberately arranged it?

Fate against three legendary poems, you will be finished up unfinished chapter.

Game Features

◎ Voice Full story: Epic Drama + Live2D + voice actors, with a story like watching vivid animation in general, return to the benevolent nature of the RPG.

◎ class handle: Use AB, AAB, AAAB, AAAAB and other key operations, trying out various operations dazzling unparalleled pleasure!

◎ multiplayer battle Cooperation: call four friends to team up and challenge powerful Monster earn huge rewards, enjoy connections were fighting hunting fun!

◎ strongest Overlord war: the first Overlord warfare systems, real-5 PK Fuzion, turned into a game Boss killing all opponents!

◎ super cute fairy: fairy pet owner can follow along with the fighting, but also set the home page, the host of intimate interaction! !

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