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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Math Puzzle PRO

Math Puzzle for everyone from kids to adults. Mathematical calculations to play and practice to find the unknown numbers replacing the letters and making right…
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Slydris 2

Sliding and dropping blocks into complete rows has never felt as satisfying or looked as good on a mobile device!
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Cat town (Tap RPG)

Make a house for stray cats!
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Like to survive, but to walk in different places and just running away from the monster is boring? Want to poraskinut brains? Labyrinth is what…
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Simple Kingdom

You can build a great kingdom and decide the fate of its citizens!
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Hockey All Stars

Wind up your slap-shots and get ready to poke-check your way to glory in this year’s greatest Hockey game on mobile – Hockey All Stars.
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Wilderness Car Hitting Zombies

Drive your car through the blocking of heavy zombies, and survive in the end of the world!
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IDOL Evolution

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Pipe Push Paradise

Pipe Push Paradise is a seriously difficult puzzle game about plumbing.
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Minesweeper introduces new mine grades and new tiles which enrich the experience.
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