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CubeMator is a powerful FREE sandbox building game alternative to MineCraft with ultra-high freedom to craft, build and explore the world in the 3D environment. Download it Now!

Hours of fun waiting for you: feed animals, build amazing gardens, craft for treasures, compound items and fight with monsters… In the unlimited 3D game mode, you can do whatever you imagine alone or with your friends over a local Wi-Fi network.

You can do whatever you imagine:
Built magnificent castles to become a respected architect;
Explore the unknown world, craft for enormous treasures and fight with monsters to become a veteran adventurer;
Plant lots of crops, raise amount of animals to become a wealthy farmer;
Collect craft guides to become a master of synthesis;
Fly in the sky freely;
Mine deep under the ground;

Even though CubeMator is not as exquisite as GTA 5 and its special effects is not as gorgeous as LOL, it seems so simple, but it is extremely fascinating: the excitement after setting up the first bed; the joy after crafting the first pickaxe; the pleasure after digging up the first diamond; the delight after building the first castle; the novelty after entering the hell the first time… You will have new things to surprise you every day.

CubeMator will definitely become the favorite game of all of us. This is our second life, the indispensable part of our life!

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CubeMator – For Android

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