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Cube Gun 3D Zombie Island –

Cube Gun 3D Zombie Island – Free

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Now can battle with your friends, or anyone else around the world!
Cube Gun 3D is giving you unique multiplayer FPS and Crafting experience all in one game together.
You will land on an limitless island but beware you are not alone! Zombies will be coming for you when they detect movement and noise. You have to be fast and ready for action.
But don’t be afraid multiplayer mode is just for you to have your friends and allies to be summoned on the island to have a better survival chance.
And there are plenty amount of guns hidden around you. Do not forget to look for them and use them from your inventory. But the most but not the least part is you can craft them too! Find the right parts and your gun is ready to craft.
Have a good hunt and we hope you survive.
And for modifications and continuous upgrade please rater us 5 star.
– Single and multiplayer modes
– Old school graphics and new school gameplay
– Crafting and inventory systems
– Loads of guns colt, sniper, m79, h1z1, axe, mace etc…

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Cube Gun 3D Zombie Island – For Android

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