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CrossFire Mobile Gameplay IOS / Android

CrossFire Mobile Gameplay IOS / Android

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CrossFire Mobile by Tencent Mobile Games (IOS/Android)
“Cross Fire: King Shootout” is a game by the Korean Smilegate and Tencent CF-year effort to build a genuine FPS hand travel it perfect transmission quality and PC-side play, but also for mobile terminals operating characteristics and habits of the players Shootout were customized adaptation and optimization, allowing the player to really enjoy the gunfight on the phone game brings the fun and pleasure, the dream of three hundred million mouse gun battle continued into the mobile terminal.

[Game Features]
– Perfect support 3D Touch features a new revolution in mobile games Shooting
“Cross Fire: King Shootout” to support the latest iOS9 on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus 3D Touch features a revolutionary tour of the shooter to aim and shoot the two dimensions of the operation merged together, players in the process aimed at while increasing their efforts to complete the pressing fire, greatly reduce the threshold to get started operation.

– Inherited the essence of the original, continuation of the classic gunfight experience
“Cross Fire: King Shootout” world in many ways, play mode, operating rules, the perfect end to inherit the essence of the original tour, is still defending and latent struggle through to the end; still has a burst mode, individual sports, team sports and other classic play; still control the player moves left hand, right hand control to aim and shoot mode of operation; these familiar elements of hundreds of millions of players dream of a perfect continuation to a shootout mobile terminal.

– Classic athletics, blood fight
Rich PVP mode lets you play one hundred is not tired: group competition, blasting, biochemical, plus a unique position of competing models, breaking the unity of gameplay modes allow you in the process of confrontation with other players and more fun to experience multiple wonderful!

– Story campaign, team up checkpoints
Drama checkpoints mode Cross Fire PC end of the world as the background, it tells the story of the brutal war in the world in recent human biochemical monsters and evil Blitz between future. Players will play a special forces hero, along with his comrades to save the world into the hell of the road.
In cooperative multiplayer mode, players will return to the battlefield, facing more powerful Blitz biochemical monster. This time, players fists face four hands, only collaborate with teammates fighting together to withstand strong attack monster.

– Develop fair Athletic weak
Game retain the greatest degree of competitive fairness, not mandatory pay system and develop a system tedious, and strive to bring players the most straightforward shooting experience.

– Details Winning art set new standards
After the game screen to create a new and improved engine, enhancing the overall quality. Roles and more sophisticated firearms, explosive special effects and more.
In art resources not only realized the classic side tour to reproduce the content, but also gives the user a sense of familiarity and intimacy of the remainder, some of these are different from past attempts. For example, in PVE pass through mode, the screen color is more heavy, light and shadow contrast is even more intense, making the atmosphere more in line with the background story level, representing the end of the tour with more levels to enhance heavier.

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